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Cellulose fiber:
Jinli Mineral Company can provide different customers with different size and long cellulose fiber by selecting,splitting, coronizing, bleaching,neutralizing the natural wood .It can maintain chemical property under normal conditions and cannot be eroded by common solvent and acids and alkalis .It is made of natural raw materials and is poison-less,odourless, non-pollution, zero radioactivity,which can be called green products.


White,grey white

Density g/L


Fiber content %


Water content %


Water absorption (weight)fold




Average length


Ash content


● It is now widely used as inertia filler in leather making, which can strengthen the coacervate and make the leather more smooth and springy as well as strengthen and improve their elasticity.
● It can guide the water resist splitting and falling in construction materials ,coating materials,heat-preservation mortar floating coat, brick binder, preformed joint gypsum,
● It will be carbonized under high temperature in asbestos products and glass fiber products and friction and seal materials.
● It can help to strengthen and resist splitting in highway building and concrete products.
● It can help to strengthen the absorbing property in electric welding rod , plastic product , bakelite powder and war factory,

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